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One of the first things that clients report, is that they lose or skip is the time to make thoughtful food and drink choices, or they don’t have the options available within there limited time parameters. It seems to have been the culture for some time now, you're expected not to take meal breaks!  If you do get a short break, it's so short the quick that often convenience food is gulped down leaving us in pain and discomfort and making us reach for pharmaceutical help. Other times folk either don’t eat or drink all day and grab food very late in the evening and head straight to bed.

All of these options can leave us with digestive discomfort and unrest, wind, bloating, indigestion, crampy spasms and IBS. These, in turn, can lead to disrupted turbulent sleep. The next day is started tired, leaning on food to help give energy, comfort and support the day through. So the vicious cycle begins.

These actions can lead to waste material, being retained in the bowel. These, impacted faeces, dead cellular tissue, accumulated mucous, parasites etc are believed to cause numerous health problems. This material is toxic (poisonous). These poisons can re-enter and circulate in the bloodstream making us feel ill, tired or weak. These impacted materials impair the Colon’s ability to absorb minerals and vitamins.

Ill health medications can lead to a disrupted and troubled bowel. While the medication must be taken, we can look into options to be able to support, help, and maintain a more normal bowel rhythm and prevent congestion. At the heart of a colonic treatment is the action of water,  this is allowed to flow into the bowel, the response of the nervous system to the presence of water is reporting a fullness thus triggering peristalsis ( natural muscle movement) leading to the evacuation. We are repeatedly stimulating the natural body’s response to having a full bowel and its natural response to empty and cleanse the bowel.


Treatment includes:

  • Comprehensive medical assessment

  • Information and advice on digestive system health

  • Nutritional and dietary advice

  • Bespoke herbal infusions, where appropriate

  • Colonic hydrotherapy treatment 

  • Recommendations of any herbs, probiotics, supplements to aid and optimise the cleansing process, support the digestive system including the stomach, pancreas, liver and bowel. To enable more enable more efficient absorption of nutrients from food and establish healthy levels of gut bacteria. 

This takes between one and one and a half hours. 


Your aftercare continues after you have left the practice, if you need any clarification or have any further questions you are more than welcome to give me a call or drop me an email. 

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