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May 2021


Wendy is absolutely amazing. Feeling pretty nervous and anxious before the appointment, with not knowing what to expect, Wendy put me completely at ease. She is a font of knowledge and I felt completely confident in her hands. She was so warm and calming, the whole procedure really was much better than I could have hoped for! Thank you so much Wendy.

May 2021

Lindsey Fallon

Wendy provides an amazing service. I felt relaxed and comfortable and had a great chat too. This is a great way to cleanse and I will definitely be coming back.

March 2020 

Anna Aviva

Wendy made me feel very comfortable and relaxed throughout the appointment. She was wonderful and very professional. I entered and left the session feeling completely at ease, happy, and with great advice from Wendy too! I would definitely recommend to all, and keep up with cleansing sessions for myself. Many and sincere thanks!

October 2020

Emma Davis

I have been a regular client of Wendy’s for over 10 years now. Whilst considering this type of therapy for the first time, I was a little apprehensive due to the personal nature of the treatment. Initially, I opted for a clinic which provided the therapy without a therapist present thinking it would be easier...I was VERY wrong. It was a terrible experience with poor results. Then I discovered Bushey Colonic Hydrotherapy Clinic and Wendy...and I will never go anywhere else again! Wendy is professional, personable, hugely knowledgeable and provides a treatment which is always discreet and hugely effective. I always leave feeling a million times better than when I body and mind. I thoroughly recommend Wendy and this type of therapy! She IS amazing!

October 2020


Wendy is absolutely amazing. She's got an incredible amount of knowledge about gut health, a true expert in this field. Her gentle ways makes what could be considered an "unusual" experience totally normal. I wondered what took me so long to get down to Wendy's clinic! I feel absolutely elevated and light after my treatments. Both mentally and physically. Would highly recommend a visit. Very soon! I can't wait for my next appointment! Thank you Wendy for all your incredible help over the past 12 months!

Feb 22, 2018

by Anna on Bushey Colonic Hydrotherapy


Money Well Spent!!!

Wendy has helped me more in 2 weeks than my GP has in a year. I was told I was lactose intolerant in Jan 2016, before that I had a healthy bowel movement and never experienced any bloating problems. After my diagnoses I began to feel extreme discomfort and severe bloating, I was at the point where I was passing every 10 days. After begging my GP (multiple times) to help me with a long term fix, I was given laxatives which would only help as a short term relief. I was recommended by a colleague at work to visit Wendy as she was experiencing similar symptoms and said that it would really help me. Wendy looked over my diet plan gave and me some hints and tips to go along side the treatment, 2 days later I was back to passing once a day. Honestly a life changer and I've already recommended friends & family to go see her!

Feb 10, 2018

 by Debs on Bushey Colonic Hydrotherapy


Best Cleanse Ever


Wendy is absolutely superb, I cannot recommend her highly enough to anyone considering having a colonic for the first time; and, if like me you've been elsewhere before, you'll probably never go anywhere else ever again.

I feel great; Wendy is great x

Aug 29, 2017

by Rhia on Bushey Colonic Hydrotherapy



I recently had my first colonic with Wendy and I cannot recommend her enough. I didn't know what to expect and walked in quite embarrassed and very anxious. Those feelings didn't last as Wendy made me feel at ease and made the experience very comfortable. She is extremely friendly and very good humoured. Before having the colonic I suffered for years with a very sore, uncomfortable bloated belly. I had many trips to the doctors and tried every IBS medication available - none of which worked. Since having the colonic, I feel so much better. Wendy also recommended some probiotics which have helped amazingly. The horrible pains have finally gone. I will definitely continue to have the colonics. I can't thank you enough Wendy! x

Jul 22, 2017

 by Laura on Bushey Colonic Hydrotherapy


Wendy Has Changed My Life! #Poofairy


In a nutshell: "Wendy has changed my life, my relationship with food and my general wellbeing.

I cannot thank, praise or recommend her highly enough to anyone with any type of tummy/bowel gripe/issue."

Jul 20, 2017

by Kaleem on Bushey Colonic Hydrotherapy


Colonic Irrigation


Wendy was a absolute delight and joy to deal with. Very professional yet funny,witty. Made me as a man feel very at home and relaxed about the whole procedure. Was a painless experience and she talks to you the entire time so your mind is busy and not worrying about a tube up your rectum! I can sincerely recommend in fact highly recommend wendy to all other potential clients to go ahead and get it done with wendy. Very charming professional lady and great to talk to! I have intention of going to wendy again in near future even though as far as she was concerned my bowels were completely clean and in good use, just for comparison sake. I can only say that wendy was a delight very professional witty and clearly knows her medical practice in and out ( pardon the pun) . Thank you very much for todays experience. I feel cleaner fresher and just all around better. Stomache looks a little flatter too.

Mar 2, 2017

by Katie Fowler on Bushey Colonic Hydrotherapy


Feel So Much Better!


I visited Wendy for a colonic recently. I was feeling tired and bloated and my bowels had become sluggish. The colonic was for me a relaxing experience. I came out feeling quite cheerful and energised though I understand its wise to you have to give yourself some time to relax at home afterwards! I have had a colonic before in the past and I can say that Wendy was very professional. I felt instantly less bloated and more energised and more motivated to eat well. Wendy recommended a course of probiotics to help with digestion and bloating going forward.

Feb 28, 2017

by Laura on Bushey Colonic Hydrotherapy


A Whole New World!


I am compelled to write this review after the most marvellous experience yesterday with Wendy. 
I cannot recommend Wendy or this treatment highly enough to anybody. She really has given me confidence and faith that my negative relationship with my tummy and food may be coming to an end.
I emailed Wendy prior to the treatment and she was very friendly, helpful and approachable. If you are considering this process, all I can say is DO IT! I hope to have a healthier relationship with my tummy from this point, but I will definitely be revisiting Wendy to make sure I'm on the right track to getting my gut back on my side!
A true star and lovely person, 5 stars isn't enough! ******************************
Thank you Wendy x