• Wendy Crampton

Well yes! I can't deny that will be the case…but only for a second or two!

You will be dressed in a disposable gown with a sheet across your lap. There's a 20 second moment where I place the speculum in position; you will then be covered up for the remainder of your treatment—there are few seconds at the end of the treatment where this needs to be removed.

While you rightly don't want to show it off! I don't want to see it!

I have a job to do I have to ensure you're comfortable and the equipment is correctly positioned, trust me I've seen so many bots in 15 years… There's nothing I haven't seen before. While you are settling into your first treatment, I'm here to support your treatment to be as comfortable and beneficial as possible. Even me, who's received colonics for 15 years forgets how odd and peculiar the sensations are.

Once you're over the initial thoughts and you're settled with the sensations, most people actually enjoy the Colonic and are especially pleased with the unaccustomed sensation of feeling lighter, clean and clear afterwards.

Sometimes during a Colonic, the Colon muscles will contract suddenly expelling considerable amounts of liquid and waste. This may feel like cramping or gas and may create a feeling of urgency to empty the rectum. Such episodes, if they do occur, are very brief and easily tolerated.

For more information and to find out how a colonic could benefit you, please get in touch on 01923 246555

  • Wendy Crampton

"This was my first experience of having this type of treatment as I had heard so many good reviews about it. Although I was nervous about what to expect, Wendy went out of her way to make me feel at ease before I had even walked through the door. The whole experience was strange but left you feeling really good and relaxed. This is definitely something I will look to do again." - Tamzin Naylor - If like Tamzin you are a little nervous, why not give me a call and I will gladly talk you through what you can expect at your first treatment. Best Wishes Wendy

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