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What is it?

A Colonic is not just about an empty bowel! The aim is to support and achieve a well-functioning bowel.


Why is it done? 

Everyone is so very unique. We live in the very busy 20th century, it’s a very fast world that often doesn’t allow us to spend enough time to on ourselves. Even the basics of personal care, food, drink and sleep are disrupted. Exercise and mindful time off  is often lost completely.


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Water Temperature

Manipulation Techniques

If someone has a bowel that isn’t functioning properly, it will simply fill with water and fail to evacuate.  This is why colonics do not make the bowel lazy and where the ability to vary water temperature can be so effective. 

Cooling the water temperature makes the bowel muscle contract, With a hypotonic (tired, congested) bowel we can cool the water to stimulate the bowel to contract a little and then warm it again to stimulate it to relax.

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Colonic Hydrotherapy

& Coffee Enema 


I need to be advised of your wish for a coffee enema at the point of booking your appointment so I can prepare your coffee enema just before your appointment. 

What are coffee enemas used for?

Specially prepared Robust A Health certified  organic coffee is infused in to the bowel following a colonic treatment to help cleanse the liver of toxins. 


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Organic Vegetables

Food Intolerance Testing

IgG food intolerances or food sensitivities can be very difficult to pinpoint. Whilst elimination diets work well for some, it can take months before trigger foods are identified. 


Studies have shown that food intolerances affect around 20% of the population.


Other studies have linked problems such as IBS, bloating, skin problems, migraines, fatigue and joint pain to food intolerances.

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Ladies Colonic Massage

Whilst Colonic Hydrotherapy is an excellent way of cleansing the Bowel, some clients prefer to have a Colonic Massage.

Colonic Massage is a completely different treatment and is an opportunity to benefit from all of my knowledge as a Digestive Health Practitioner and Colon Massage Therapist, to help you with any digestive health questions you may have and have a relaxing Abdominal Massage Treatment at the same time.

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Relaxing Massage
Healthy assortment of yellow foods

Herbal Infusions

At every appointment with me we will have a consultation and you will have plenty of time to discuss your bowel concerns and symptoms. Together we will decide which if any of the herbs would be helpful to support your treatment so we can gain the best result for you from your treatment. 

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