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Colonic Hydrotherapy

& Coffee Enema 

These toxins present naturally from our normal digestion as well as toxins from our polluted environment, drugs, food and water pollutants such as pesticides preservatives , hormones, excreted prescription drugs and fluoride. 

How does is the coffee enema administered?   

Following your colonic treatment you will pop to the loo and rest for a few minutes to ensure the bowel is as empty and 



Up to 500ml of warm Robust A Health certified organic coffee is allowed to flow into the bowel. 

You relax for 15 minutes remaining on the couch while the coffee antioxidants is absorbed by the colon.

You will then go back in to the loo just relaxing and ensuring nothing else wishes to pass.  

Your ready to Go! 


The Benefits Coffee Enemas 

Stimulating effect on the bowel.

Antioxidant effect of clearer skin and eyes. 

Boost the immune system & cell energy production and repair

Remove accumulated toxins that have been associated with general nervous tension, confusion, depression, allergy related symptoms. 

Cleanse the blood and clear the liver of toxins to improve its many metabolic functions.

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