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Organic Vegetables

Food Intolerance


There has never been a greater need for an accurate IgG reaction test that is easy to use and fast.  

I’m pleased to be an approved Brunel Health Food Intolerance Practitioner.


Brunel Health provides me with the next igGenerations of food intolerance testing services for my clients. They have over 45 years of ELISA plate testing studies, there founding team of Scientists and Doctors have designed the IgG Food Intolerance test panel that accurately detects 134 food and drink specific IgG reactions from just a few drops of easily collected blood. 

Once the IgG reactive foods have been identified and eliminated clients report improvements in many conditions. 


Step one, a very easy finger prick to take a few drops of blood

Step two send to the lab 

Step three  3 working days later, your detailed report is emailed to me and either on to you or you may come back into the practice to discuss the results and pick up a paper copy. 

Stand-alone test can be taken without an appointment or whilst at your appointment

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