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New Treatment

This wonderful treatment combines the best that Colonic Hydrotherapy has to offer, to give you the most productive, complete restored treatment possible, leaving you ready to take your world back on.

We will start with a standalone Aromatherapy abdominal massage. Essential oils have been specially blended just for use at Bushey Colonic Hydrotherapy and carefully chosen to enhance your treatment.
In your pre-colonic massage, the oils include Patchouli, this is a base note oil and has an earthy and exotic aroma. It offers a rooted, grounding and deeply relaxing effect. It is a calmative and seeks to release us from mental strains and worry.
This has been combined with Geranium, this middle note oil is known for its balancing, equalizing and comforting notes. The spirt of Geranium is a tonic to our nerves and it helps to soothe anxiety, it encourages our inner spirit to lift. These are both used in a Grapeseed carrier oil.

This is where the cleansing process takes place, with your Colonic Hydrotherapy. In addition to the highly filtered water, we will use Natural Balance Robusta Health Detox Enema Coffee. This has been prepared just before your arrival at the practice.
The benefit that coffee brings to your treatment is that it gently stimulates your body to give you the best release possible. It’s absorbed into your bowel and antioxidants support clearer skin and eyes. It offers a boost to the immune system and stimulates glutathione production which supports the liver helping its many metabolic functions.

Overall, this supports the body in removing accumulated toxins, gasses, and fermentation, then enabling your
bowel to absorb the Wheatgrass probiotic enema to its fullest potential.

When your bowel has released to its best potential, we will gently infuse the wheatgrass probiotic into your system. The high-strength Probiotic Implant contains the following probiotics Bifidobacterium Bifidum, Bifidobacterium Longum, and Lactobacillus Acidophilus Lactobacillus Casei. It provides 28 Billion viable cells at the time of manufacture.
These bacteria help maintain the microflora balance within the intestines, control the increase of detrimental bacteria, bolster the immune system, and aid in the digestive process.

Following your Colonic Hydrotherapy combining the wonderful qualities of Coffee, Probiotic and wheatgrass enema, you will then receive a gentle standalone abdominal massage; we will use a different blend of oils. Marjoram is a middle note oil. This is a warm
aromatic with a slightly spicy aroma that offers comfort and a wholesome effect. Marjoram calms the senses and gives a warming quality that offers us a deeply centred inner peace leaving you feeling balanced and comforted. This is blended with Grapefruit a top note oil.
This has a soft sweet fresh aroma it balances the restorative effect with a positive uplifting aspect. The ‘spirit’ of Grapefruit encourages joy, positivity, and confidence to arise within ourselves.

You will be given a 10-day course of Bionutri Ecogest digestive enzymes and probiotic capsules to take home with you. One of the largest contributory factors to maintaining normal good health is the efficient digestion of foods. Foods need to be broken down into small particles to liberate nutritional components such as vitamins, minerals and proteins.

This makes them readily bio-available prior to them being absorbed from the digestive tract.

Ecogest contains Pineapple and Papaya both natural sources of digestive enzymes that help to digest and break down foods. It also contains Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium. Both are known for their help in breaking down starches and fibre in foods. Gamma oryzanol
is a natural extract found in the germ of rice that may help maintain the integrity of the lining of both the stomach and intestine.

This treatment is best received when you don’t have to push on with a busy day afterwards.
Allowing yourself some time to relax and enjoy your space is greatly advised.

It is suggested that your appointment is in the morning, as it can offer an energised response.
As with all Colonic Hydrotherapy please ensure you have carried out the pre-treatment
preparation. Also, ensure you have eaten and hydrated well on the day of your treatment.

This is a ladies-only treatment.
Please allow 2 hours to be at the practice.

 Standard booking T&C applies.


Your aftercare continues after you have left the practice, if you need any clarification or have any further questions you are more than welcome to give me a call or drop me an email. 

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