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How to reduce constipation.

Christmas is a time of indulgence. During the festive season, lots of rich foods could lead to digestive disturbances like constipation and/or bloating. The NHS suggests if constipation or bloating lasts longer than 1-2 weeks, you should seek a medical consultation with your GP. If your bowel concerns are down lots of seasonal treats, you may want to consider a colonic cleanse.

Colonic hydrotherapy helps to reset the system when constipated/ bloated or following a season of overindulgence in rich foods. Constipation can be due to not having enough fibre or water in your diet; this is exacerbated if you are seasonally stressed out. If you are constipated, there may also be toxins in your body that will contribute to bloating.

One of the most effective ways of ridding your body of toxins is through colonic irrigation (also known as colon cleansing).

It can help to remove congested faecal waste, built-up gas, excess mucus, and toxins.

If you eat processed fast foods, you are more likely to suffer constipation and bloating. Eating more water-soluble fibre in the form of fresh fruit and vegetables can help ease constipation and bloating as it allows everything to move through the intestine quickly. Increasing your water intake and restarting your normal exercise regime can also be of great benefit.

Food fads can come and go, but constipation feels like it is forever!

It's one of those things that you either suffer from or know someone who does. Many people don't necessarily realise that constipation can be largely due to lifestyle choices or too much rich food over the festive period. Your bowel movements are an indication of how healthy you are; constipation can be a sign of excess toxicity within the body.

Bloating discomfort is often one of the first signs that constipation is not far behind.

The solution may be a colonic cleanse. To ensure you get the best result from your colonic, I

recommend you carry out a lemon cleanse the day before your appointment. These details are available on my website, or I can email them when you book in.

A regular colonic cleanse may help you to reset your system and prevent constipation from

happening again.

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