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Do you think you may have a food intolerance?

Tried the elimination diets but can't identify your triggers? Maybe a food intolerance test is the answer...

IgG food intolerances or food sensitivities can be very difficult to pinpoint. Whilst elimination diets work well for some, it can take months before trigger foods are identified. Studies have shown that food intolerances affect around 20% of the population. Other studies have linked problems such as IBS, bloating, skin problems, migraines, fatigue and joint pain to food intolerances.

I’m pleased to be an approved Brunel Health Food Intolerance Practitioner. Once the IgG reactive foods have been identified and eliminated, clients report improvements in many conditions.

Step one, a very easy finger prick to take a few drops of blood Step two send to the lab Step three 3 working days later, your detailed report is emailed to me and either on to you or you may come back into the practice to discuss the results and pick up a paper copy.

For more information or to make your appointment, please get in touch, 01923 246555

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