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Does Colonic Hydrotherapy Help You Lose Weight?

‘I need to lose weight!’ ‘My weight won’t budge!’ ‘How much will I lose with a Colonic?’ These are three very frequently asked questions.

It does stand to reason that if you have a congested bowel, then releasing the weight of the waste and eliminating the trapped gas will mean you lose a bit of weight. However, your body should be losing this waste as a natural process.

It’s not uncommon that due to the amount of gas released during a colonic, some folk have found they can do their belt up one extra notch before they leave the practice!

Colonic Hydrotherapy can support you with your weight loss journey for several reasons.

A congested digestive system means your food is not moving through efficiently. This means you end up absorbing things that should have been excreted.

Feeling full and bloated and even being constipated makes you feel sluggish. The sluggish feeling makes you feel tired and lethargic and not want to exercise. This then allows everything to slow down and fat levels to increase.

This creates a downward spiral of lack of motivation, and this is when we then start eating lots of the wrong foods, and weight creeps on. It is a rather nasty, vicious circle.

Following a Colonic Hydrotherapy treatment, once the congestion and gases have been gently removed from your bowel, this supports the digestion to work at its optimum level. The downward spiral can then start to be reversed.

When folk have a colonic, they report feeling lighter in both mind and body. They invariably go away from the treatment wanting to eat healthily and maintain this lovely easy, light feeling. During the treatment, your body will absorb some of the water, which can leave you feeling wonderfully refreshed and better hydrated.

So, a colonic can be a great starting point to help you break the chain of poor habits and give a fresh starting point to build on. During the appointment, we will also investigate what you are eating and look at your hydration routine to see if there are any areas we can harmonise to support you towards your goals further.

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