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What’s the difference between a Colonic and an Enema?

Is an enema the same as a colonic treatment?

The answer is no. An enema empties the significantly lower part of the bowel; a successful colonic empties all of it.

An enema (often performed at home or in a hospital following surgery) involves putting warm water or laxatives into the rectum. This is often done via a nozzle that is attached to a small bottle of a predetermined amount of medication or fluid. This is to clear the rectum of any impacted faecal matter. The fluid is retained anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes, then you feel the ‘urge to go’ to the toilet and release the water and any faeces down the loo. This is often carried out prior to a colonoscopy examination.

A colon hydrotherapy treatment or colonic involves a single-use, disposable speculum being inserted into the rectum approx. 2”. Attached to the external section of the speculum are two tubes. One tube takes the warm, highly filtered water into the bowel, and a wider tube takes the wastewater and any faeces and gasses away. Both tubes are outside the body, and there is no mess and no odour. Whilst this is an unusual sensation, the most widely used comment after treatment is ‘that was easy and surprisingly comfortable’ followed swiftly by ‘my tummy feels really calm.

During treatments here at Bushey Colonic Hydrotherapy as standard practice, I regularly use herbs to help your bowel relax, thus allowing the release of gas pockets. The most commonly used are chamomile, peppermint and fennel.

To get the best results possible from your treatments here, when you book an appointment, I will send you the details of a gentle and easy pre-treatment preparation. This can be carried out easily and can be incorporated into your normal workday routine. It won’t leave you in a messy or compromised situation. The lemon detox is a gentle and easy process for you to follow.

This cleanse is a very easy and comfortable preparation for those who want to clear out the old and put in the new. If you have never considered detoxing or doing a cleanse, this is quick and easy and the one for you.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of colonic hydrotherapy, please don’t hesitate to contact me by email or phone.

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