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Regulations & Registrations.

I can hear everyone groan!! Ohhh Red Tape!...…...

But…there is good red tape!

This red tape is here to keep everyone safe, that means both Clients and Practitioners.

It is a privilege for me to be part of RICTAT (The International Register of Integrative Colon Hydrotherapists and Trainers.) They are the fastest growing international body, uniting colonic hydrotherapy professionals and promoting high ethical standards.

Every year they run continual professional training events and conferences, ensuring practitioners have the most up to date information about clinical protocols, legalities of practice and product information. They also coordinate business and practitioner networks, and there is an extensive pool of expert knowledge available in this incredible organisation.

RICTAT is also the expert advisor on colon hydrotherapy to the GRCCT (The General Regulatory Council for Complementary Therapies). The GRCCT acts as a voluntary regulator of CAM therapies, (Complementary and Alternative Medicine.)

Regulation and registration of complementary therapists in the UK is by means of voluntary self-regulation. This means that there are no laws to protect the public from unqualified or incompetent therapists, so to ensure the public is protected, many therapists apply to join the register to prove they are professionally trained.

Part of the ongoing requirement of being on the register is that therapists have to agree and evidence that they do a certain number of continuous professional development hours. This also applies to being a member of RICTAT.

Over the past few years and in accordance with recent government recommendations, various professional associations, including RICTAT, have been working together to agree on

common National Occupational Standards and requirements in colon hydrotherapy, which are now agreed upon and published. RICTAT are a founder association of this process, which sets the standards for anyone wishing to become a member of RICTAT.

The General Regulatory Council for Complementary Therapies (GRCCT) role is to be an overarching independent regulator, and they have established a national register of practitioners. They protect the public by independently validating all registered therapists' status—the GRCCT work with over 50K practitioners from a vast array of disciplines.

Practitioners that are on the National Register agree to abide by a Code of Professional Conduct & Ethics.

They are answerable to the GRCCT Complaints and disciplinary procedures.

I consider it to be immensely important and a privilege to belong to both RICTAT and the GRCCT.

They are there to ensure I have the best and most up to date information and support. This enables me to offer the best possible care to my clients.

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