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Is Food Fuel?

Well! Yes, food is fuel. It is also great joy and pleasure to eat a stunning plate of food.

Just for a moment, Imagine your dream car!

It could be a Ferrari, Porsche, Rolls Royce, Jaguar or my personal indulgence would be an Aston Martin DP9! Its sat on your drive sparkling … your turn the key (or with some press the button) it purrs or roars into life.

Oh, oh, not good!! The petrol gauge is blinking….

Choices Choices.

Choice one… no worries keep going, running on fumes. I don't have time; I can't be bothered and don't want to go to the garage now. If I put fuel in it now, it will only need more later.


Choice two … straight to the garage to put the best fuel into this stunning feat of engineering. After all, allowing the tank to run out will damage the engine.

Wow, think of the damage the expense!!

This scenario translates into so many folks’ lives. Our bodies are far more expensive and valuable than our pride and joy on the drive. After all, if your body breaks, where else are we going to live!!

The fuel we pour into ourselves either has the potential to promote and build happy, healthy cells and wellbeing, to create energy, a clear focused mind and to heal or it can be the extreme opposite and cause slow growth of disease, lethargy and stagnation.

There is considerable debate in the world about the rights and wrongs of Breakfast. I stand on my grandmother's principle (after all, she lived into her 90's) along with my personal experience in life and my many years in practice working with clients.

As the word suggests, we are BREAKing our night FAST as we awake every morning. This means the engine is empty. Now that's not to say it has been sleeping all night, far from it has been busy. The digestive tract does a considerable amount of its work in the hours between 12, and 6 am!

It’s been completing yesterday’s digestion, absorption and sorting out what needs to head to the exit in the morning.

We need to hydrate and fuel the body with energizing foods to nourish it so it can start the engine of our metabolism. Thus, fuelling our minds and bodies ready and raring to go into our day.

As part of your consultation with me at the practice, we will work together on your journey to better health.

This includes looking into your food choices and options to ensure you can get the best from your day and longevity of results from your treatment.

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